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How naturally desmaquillarme

For most women love makeup, but makeup remover is a step that many overlook. Do not remove the makeup causes several problems in our skin, mainly causes acne and blackheads, as it builds up bacteria, sweat and dirt, clogging the pores. Professionals say sleep causes premature wrinkles makeup, so it is very important to remove the cosmetic end of the day. You can opt for a cream or gel cleanser or natural products. Here we […]

How to choose a bra

Did you know that 7 out of 10 women choose the wrong bra size?, Which not only causes inconvenience and discomfort but also affects the way we look physically, and that is if you esmeras both choose the clothes you will wear for out, why not do the same with the inside?. If you are one of those who never know how to choose a bra in we offer a practical guide for you […]

How to choose jeans according to my body type

Jeans are an item you can not miss in any woman’s wardrobe. A great choice for everyday wear and is that depending on the design can range from casual to a casual garment. But beyond its design, if there is a concern for women is finding the perfect pants, that you feel wonderfully well with our figure and goes perfectly with our style. Still do not know what yours is?, In we explain how […]

How to choose the colors that I favor

Sure has happened to someone tell you how good you look today, or how great you have left a particular garment, and think “but if I have thousands of pieces of this style, why it is that like?”, It may not has taken into account the importance of color in your clothes, and that is beyond your personal preferences, favoring certain skin tones highlighting your style. If you do not know for sure what they […]

How to conceal skin blemishes

The stains on the skin can be caused by various factors such as age, sun exposure, pregnancy … If this is your case, you will need to know how to treat skin blemishes, to reduce them to the maximum and prevent it from spreading through your body and face. It is important to perform a good stain prevention, but in case these have already appeared and want full camouflage, you can also perform some actions. […]

How to find clothing from the 50

If you want to dress up for a costume party or just love the look of clothes, 1950, which can be a challenge to find pieces of the time, you should know how to find it. By using a little imagination and doing fieldwork to explore all possible avenues, you can obtain the appropriate attire for the 50 men, women and children regardless of their needs. Furthermore, it is worth considering finding patterns that style […]

How to give a natural glow to your face

The affects aging facial skin in various ways. A manifestation of aging is the loss of skin’s natural glow by declining oil under the skin healthy. A dry and rough skin, make you look older than it really is. No one can turn back the hands of time. However, with the proper skin care can regain some youthful vigor into your skin. Keep your face radiant, adding appropriate treatments your skin daily beauty regimen.

How to Lighten jeans with bleach

Lighten the color of your jeans can give a new look to a pair of jeans that have for many years. You can also upgrade your current wardrobe giving your jeans a look as designer. The jeans can be cleared by using items you can find in your local hardware store, or by using household bleach. When using chlorine, used gloves and removes chlorine from your jeans quickly so that no further clarification of what […]

How to make a beard grow faster

Many men wish their beards grow faster. Hair growth, both the head and the beard depends on each person, there are men who are very slow growing and there are areas where it grows, these men are called beardless. But if you want the beard grow faster there are ways to accelerate growth. Here’s how you can get a nice beard in a few steps.

How to revitalize dry skin naturally

To look beautiful skin, always required some basic care such as hydration or proper exfoliation. But it is even more necessary in cases of certain types of skin, such as dry skin. In the market there are many products or treatments that attempt to alleviate these problems, but many people prefer to opt for more natural remedies that do not contain chemicals. In addition, this option is always much cheaper when add shine to your […]

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