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Smoky Look: Getting smoky eyes tutorial, course, makeup and tricks

Materials Needed to Create Smoky Eyes Hidden spots Translucent Loose Powder Color black eyeliner Black eye shadow or dark gray powder shadow Shadow ivory or beige Black Mask Eyelash Eye Brush with sponge tip to smudge Brush eyes natural hair How to Apply Smoky Eye Makeup 1. Prepare the area around the eyes with moisturizer and hidden spots. 2. Apply loose powder under the eye area. This will help control the loose makeup that falls […]

How to know what your style of tie?

The tie is one of the most important accessories in arranging a man. Know that there are many ways to take, both in form and design, as well as their patterns are infinite: the there with geometric, floral, stripes, circles, smooth, etc.. But how do you know your style among so many models? Do not worry, […]

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