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How to choose the colors that I favor

Sure has happened to someone tell you how good you look today, or how great you have left a particular garment, and think “but if I have thousands of pieces of this style, why it is that like?”, It may not has taken into account the importance of color in your clothes, and that is beyond your personal preferences, favoring certain skin tones highlighting your style. If you do not know for sure what they […]

In Rioja, “The Viura” a hotel the most avant-garde unstructured

In Villabuena of Álava, La Rioja, a hotel is a really particular design, and very charming. This is the Hotel Viura, a masterpiece of unstructured style, characterized by large cubes joined together in an apparently haphazard, almost unstable, pierced by large windows that flood the different rooms with relaxing outdoor landscape. To define this structure would have to catalog the works of avant-garde art. The unstructured facade distinguishes it represents your business card. In contrast […]

If you want a flat belly, including fiber in your diet

Getting a flat stomach is a priority when we started to look after us. I had already told what are the best exercises to work your abs, but sometimes we train regularly but we are equally swollen, something we can avoid consuming fiber in perspective, so in our Spring Special Shaped could we miss .

How many calories do we provide the nutrients?

We said that several days ago showing calories food labels are not entirely real, as there are flaws in the methods of measurement of energy intake of each nutrient, so today we decided to offer comment on how many calories nutrients. Currently, only considered as energy nutrients hydrates, proteins and fats, providing both first 4 kcal per gram and fat 9 kcal per gram. However, the error is far not consider the energy contribution of […]

How to dress for a graduation?

If you are about to finish high school, high school or college, you probably culmines closing your studies with a graduation party. Traditionally, these events are big and with a level of formality that requires dress attire for women and for men. But do you know the basic guidelines for choosing what will you use? […]

Theater Makeup

Theater Makeup Face> Makeup When applying makeup for the theater must be very precise. After all, the character must be credible and truthful. If you research a little you know that the character’s makeup should match well with the period, stage or style of play. This may require becoming familiar with the script or the show. Communication between the cast, the stage director, stylist and makeup artist will help create a good working relationship between […]

How to achieve a youthful and formal

      Many people find it difficult to know how to combine your clothes, especially if just starting their careers. Throughout our lives we buying and collecting clothes for the day that we serve for those times when we must take a more serious and cool, leaving us with […]

How stress in the workplace?

When we started our adult lives, most want to succeed and take off in terms of our professional skills. However, sometimes we get lost on the way and do not know what to do and what not to do to achieve these goals. If this is your case, here I give you some tips to achieve your goals: […]

Robot Dreams

This emotional and charming graphic novel about a dog and a robot shows with poignant detail how powerful and fragile are the friendships. After a trip to the beach in the International Labor Day let the robot oxidized and immobilized in the sand, the dog must return alone to the life they shared. But the memories of their friendship remains and, as the seasons flow, the dog tries to fill the emotional void left by […]

How to know what your style of tie?

The tie is one of the most important accessories in arranging a man. Know that there are many ways to take, both in form and design, as well as their patterns are infinite: the there with geometric, floral, stripes, circles, smooth, etc.. But how do you know your style among so many models? Do not worry, […]