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How to choose a bra

Did you know that 7 out of 10 women choose the wrong bra size?, Which not only causes inconvenience and discomfort but also affects the way we look physically, and that is if you esmeras both choose the clothes you will wear for out, why not do the same with the inside?. If you are one of those who never know how to choose a bra in we offer a practical guide for you […]

How to soothe irritated skin with natural remedies

Dry, red rashes and intense itching are typical symptoms of atopic sensitive skin or in some cases may be accompanied by digestive disturbances. In recent years the number of cases has been increasing and, although no one knows exactly why, it is believed that this may be due to hygiene and we would be altering the lipid mantle of the skin, thus its protective layer. Regardless of their origin, natural medicine offers a number of […]

7 tips for wedding dress test

Choosing the perfect dress for your wedding is not always easy, and that is that this piece should suit your personal tastes, your expectations, your dreams and ideals, do wear your body with all its proportions and make you feel just as the bride more beautiful in the world. All these factors create pressure, but there are elements that can help you make the journey much easier, so in 7 tips to give you […]

The makeup takes fashion this season

The makeup takes fashion this season Face> Makeup Whorush: 5 sites by This AdSense ID This season makeup will complement most of your image, and thus will explain step by step trends flattering and easy to use for this season’re pretty and trendy!. Skin Care Prepare your skin for the new season to see our top tips section Face – Treatments. Fashion Makeup There are several very flattering trends this season, first is the natural […]