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How to conceal skin blemishes

The stains on the skin can be caused by various factors such as age, sun exposure, pregnancy … If this is your case, you will need to know how to treat skin blemishes, to reduce them to the maximum and prevent it from spreading through your body and face. It is important to perform a good stain prevention, but in case these have already appeared and want full camouflage, you can also perform some actions. […]

How to tone the skin with natural products

Maintain a firm and beautiful skin is the desire of many women. To do this effectively it is important to follow a healthy diet, reducing the consumption of fatty foods and physical activity frequently. But in addition we can also choose a natural, so in are some tips for you to discover how to tone the skin with natural products.

Healthy Eating: Benefits of Quinoa

Hands up anyone who has not heard of the benefits of quinoa in recent years. And this grain already cultivated by the ancient Incas is making a small hole in our diet because of its great benefits. Quinoa is a grain, yes, and in addition to all the nutrients offered by this family of foods, quinoa features great contribution of complete proteins. Thus, we can say that quinoa is one of the most complete foods […]

The makeup look this fall tailored to you!

His is the key that professionals never skipped, if you prepare well your skin before makeup, the result will be much better. This recalls the steps: Clean your face both morning and night If you use tonic that is free of alcohol Apply around the eyes Apply a serum, your skin will thank you and the result will be a glowing skin. Furthermore serums help prevent wrinkles with blur already existing Apply your moisturizer, remember […]