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How naturally desmaquillarme

For most women love makeup, but makeup remover is a step that many overlook. Do not remove the makeup causes several problems in our skin, mainly causes acne and blackheads, as it builds up bacteria, sweat and dirt, clogging the pores. Professionals say sleep causes premature wrinkles makeup, so it is very important to remove the cosmetic end of the day. You can opt for a cream or gel cleanser or natural products. Here we […]

How to give a natural glow to your face

The affects aging facial skin in various ways. A manifestation of aging is the loss of skin’s natural glow by declining oil under the skin healthy. A dry and rough skin, make you look older than it really is. No one can turn back the hands of time. However, with the proper skin care can regain some youthful vigor into your skin. Keep your face radiant, adding appropriate treatments your skin daily beauty regimen.

How to revitalize dry skin naturally

To look beautiful skin, always required some basic care such as hydration or proper exfoliation. But it is even more necessary in cases of certain types of skin, such as dry skin. In the market there are many products or treatments that attempt to alleviate these problems, but many people prefer to opt for more natural remedies that do not contain chemicals. In addition, this option is always much cheaper when add shine to your […]

Honda at the Geneva Motor Show: Civic Tourer Concept, NSX Concept and CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC

Honda wanted Geneva impact it has on various aspects. The undisputed stars of the event are the prototype of Honda Civic family-and the previously-seen Honda NSX prototype and the new 120 hp diesel engine for Honda CR-V. The Honda Civic Tourer Concept has a really great painting. Remember that it is a prototype and the production model, which will be discussed below, will be a little more conventional. A way to keep anything behind, many […]

Healthy Eating: Benefits of Quinoa

Hands up anyone who has not heard of the benefits of quinoa in recent years. And this grain already cultivated by the ancient Incas is making a small hole in our diet because of its great benefits. Quinoa is a grain, yes, and in addition to all the nutrients offered by this family of foods, quinoa features great contribution of complete proteins. Thus, we can say that quinoa is one of the most complete foods […]