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How to treat a rash on the neck

The neck rash is characterized by red marks, grains and general discomfort we cause itching and pain, irritability and a feeling that we should try the most natural way possible. A healthy skin is cared for and moisturized symbol of health and wellness. That’s why we want you to look from skin smooth and for that we leave some tips for you to discover how to treat the rash on the neck.

How moisturize the skin naturally

To achieve a soft touch skin needed moisturize every day, otherwise this will dry, will become rough and also appear on her flaking, wrinkles and even white spots. These features are very unsightly, is why it is important and necessary to give every day a few minutes to take care of our skin and make it look perfect. Caring for your skin with natural products as effective as cosmetic products and is much cheaper, so […]

The foundation

As liquid foundations are great because they are easy to apply and give a very natural look. Liquid foundations provide a medium coverage. They are good for dry skin due to its high moisturizing. Looking liquid foundations that do not contain oil. The marks as Clarins Clinique and have made a series of bases for all skin types Cream Base The cream foundation provides excellent coverage without imperfections. The bases come in cream or stick […]

The history of facial makeup

He history of facial makeup Face> Makeup The more technologically advanced the world becomes, the more emphasis is put on a fresh, clean makeup that conceals visible signs of aging and can turn back time. Words like fresh, beneficial, pure, natural, anti-aging have become part of the current vocabulary makeup Have we come full circle to use materials that the earth has given us as a base for cosmetics, as happened thousands of years ago? […]