How to Delete Unwanted Items from Fashion Photos

17To be entirely honest, fashion photos rarely turn out ‘perfectly’ when they’re first snapped. More often than not there’s at least some area that needs to be edited, which is why fashion photographers spend considerable amount of time tweaking and improving their photos after the fact.


When it comes to editing fashion photos, one of the important areas that you need to master involves deleting unwanted items from the photos. If you’re able to remove people from photos along with objects, blemishes, and any other imperfections or stray items – you’ll be able to really start to make your photos look a lot better in terms of both quality and composition.

The good news is that the Movavi Photo Editor actually makes it easy to delete any unwanted items from your fashion photos:

Load the photo by clicking ‘Browse for Images’ and selecting it.

  1. Open up the ‘Object Removal’ menu and select the item that you want to delete with the ‘Brush’, ‘Magic Wand’ or ‘Lasso’ tool.
  2. Click ‘Start Erasing’ to remove the item that has been selected.
  3. Save the photo when you’re satisfied by clicking ‘Export’.


Because removing unwanted items from fashion photos is so straightforward with the Movavi Photo Editor, you should be able to master how to do so in no time. If you want you could even try a different approach and use the ‘Stamp’ tool to copy a separate area of the photo and stamp it in place of the item you want removed.

Regardless of which option you choose, before you save your fashion photo you should also explore the other features of the Movavi Photo Editor that will enable you to improve it further. If you want you could enhance the quality of your photos, apply stylish filters and effects, insert customizable text as captions, alter the frame and orientation of the photo, or even switch the background to a completely different image. With a bit of experimentation, these features could really transform your photo and make it look amazing.

All these options are going to be right at your fingertips and each one of them is just as simple to put to use as it was to remove unwanted items from your photos. That is what makes the Movavi Photo Editor so unique, and insofar as providing a simple and easy way to edit photos it really does is unrivalled.