How to write a brief summary of a book

Summarizing an entire book in just a few paragraphs can feel intimidating, but break the process down into simple steps will return quick, painless, and maybe even fun. The key to writing a good summary of a book is to include all the characters and important turning points in history, without dwelling on details or events less significant, and then include those elements in a finished product concise and well written.

List the essential elements of the story: when and where the story is set, the main characters, what problems the characters face and how these problems are solved.

Determines which characters are essential to the story. If your story has a main hero and main enemy, your summary focuses only on these two characters.
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Decide which parts of the frame to include in your summary. Describe what you are trying to accomplish the main character, the fundamental struggle facing and how that struggle is eventually resolved.
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Summarize the book in one sentence to determine whether you have selected the incorrect characters and story events to include in your summary. If you were summarizing “The Odyssey,” for example, you could write “Odysseus is a Greek king whose return home from the Trojan War is delayed for 10 years due to monsters, nymphs and the wrath of the gods.”
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Write a draft. Do not worry even produce the perfect summary; only scores on paper the general basic idea of ​​the book.
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Read your draft and ask yourself if it includes all the essential elements of the story: the location, the main characters and plot.
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Write a second draft and make any necessary changes. Make sure your summary is the proper length and have a beginning, middle and logical order.
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Write your final draft, corrects errors of spelling and punctuation and make any final changes.