SBO NEWS girls Thailand health to the world cup! Invasion slice Vietnam 2-1.

Game through 11 minutes of Thailand is the corner stone open by Ta Wan in the door with a silver conch Kanchana sbobet thai attempted tackles. But not to a

10 minutes later, Vietnam, Thailand on the corners pressured by Tiffany Tran Kim Hong sbobet , but the support of Thailand . listening to Clearance is

Thailand has a corner on 26 minutes , again Kwanrudee moon taken overwhelmingly to the two satellites Geneina Srithongtim not jump , but node tackles sbobet strike back. So prominent is the ball a lot .

Thailand to invade the rest even harder, but still could not penetrate the Vietnamese sbobet out the first half is still tied, 0-0.

[ Scoreless ] The second half was three minutes. Thailand women ‘s health in Ta Silawan pull on the ball to Kanchana sbobet relaunch the groundbreaking for Vietnam. The left Thailand beat Vietnam 1-0 lead .

55 minutes to call the night trying to invade Vietnam . And have the opportunity to shoot from sbobet Kim Hong Tran Thi But overwhelmingly shot out the back a lot .

[Change ] Minutes later, the two teams to change the pair by Thailand to replace Kwan Nisa peaceful moonlight as sbobet Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dung Two Yates replaces Leticia demand .

[ Scoreless ] girl Thailand 65 minutes, pull the head again when Kanchana relaunch the ball along the right bank. Before trying to turn the ball into the middle But the ball hit the edge But becoming a Ran into the door on the direction The Hartford – John Kerr Estrin . Vietnam keeper sbobet trying to cut the ball out but missed the ball over the line for a 2-0 lead , then Thailand is invaded .

[Change ] Vietnam change after conceding two people by sending them Tiffany Wu Hung Nguyen Thi substitute sbobet – Sue Yen and Yen Thi snake substitute Link Thanh Huong Lake .

[ Scoreless ] 86 minutes cheering loudly health field when Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dung beat goes door to door beams were wiped out Thailand 1-2 Vietnam sbobet .

The rest Both teams do not have time to beat Vietnam 2-1 Thailand invaded shear sbobet football ticket to the World Championships 2015, Canada has successfully slaughtered after the invasion of Vietnam 2-1 is rated 5 to carry the bag as Japan, Australia, . South Korea and China success
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